Works from Simulacre are in the group show Looking West at the Santa Monica Art Museum – December 18th 2022 – March 1st 2023.

Simulacre, published by Hat & Beard Press is now available for preorder.

Foreword by Derek Boshier. Essay by Bil Brown. Afterword by Penny Slinger. Simulacre is an Augmented Reality (AR) enabled book. Additional digital content can be unlocked by installing the free Hoverlay AR app on your mobile device.

This book is on presale. Ships Spring 2023.

The works in this series were created from my travel photographs. The entities that arose from these photo collages reveal the nature of the places and the people who created them. The works in Simulacre look like faces—human, android, robot, or animal. In the words of René Magritte from his epochal work The Treachery of Images, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.” My works are juxtapositions of inanimate architecture and objects. It takes a viewer to complete the artifice of sentience.

Dhiren Dasu aka Shapeshifter7